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Dr. Washatka combines her background in conventional medicine and extensive training in practical and holistic medicine to provide a unique approach to healthcare.

Are you looking for a solution to a health problem that modern medicine has been unable to address? You are not alone. Many of our patients suffer from conditions that the medical field has tried to stick a bandaid on with the help of antibiotics, medicines, and more. While these things are beneficial, you might be frustrated that the root of your condition isn’t being addressed. At our clinic, we strive to find the basis of your symptoms and help you create a plan to eradicate the source and get healthier every day. Our methods might include modern medicine, herbs, and holistic medicine, or lifestyle changes. We believe it takes making whole body changes to heal your entire body.


Functional medicine is a form of medicine that seeks to identify and address the root of a health problem rather than treat the symptoms. The primary goal of functional medicine is to pursue total body wellness through holistic care. Dr. Washatka combines her background in conventional medicine and extensive training in practical and holistic medicine to provide a unique approach to healthcare.


Functional medicine combines conventional medicine, homeopathy, herbal, nutrition, and applied kinesiology to individualize a patient’s treatment plan. It looks at the entire person– chemically, physically, structurally, emotionally, and spiritually, and uses every part of the patient’s life (birth, childhood, trauma, lifestyle) to understand their physiology. This approach is step by step since bodies are complex. Dr. Washatka will help you comprehend your entire individualized healing journey: what you eat and drink, your lifestyle, exercise, and sleeping habits. Let our clinic help guide you to better health.

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Functional Medicine | Dr. Washatka

Functional Medicine is commonly misunderstood and many people wonder how Functional Medicine really works.

Who Benefits From Functional Medicine? | Dr. Washatka

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Functional medicine is beneficial for men, women, and children of all ages. Dr. Washatka seeks to address the underlying cause of various health problems through the unique approach of functional medicine. By getting to the bottom of what is causing a specific disease or illness, Dr. Washatka can identify a plan for treatment that is beneficial to each patient. Functional medicine is highly successful in treating a variety of both mental and physical health concerns, including the following:

These are just a few of the categories of functional medicine in which Dr. Washatka specializes.

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How Does Functional Medicine Work?

By using blood serum testing and many other highly advanced diagnostic testing methods, Dr. Washatka determines the underlying cause of each patient’s health concerns. Using this thorough insight, an individual plan of care is developed. This personalized treatment plan seeks to treat the leading cause of concern. However, because the primary goal of functional medicine is total body wellness, other issues will be addressed as well. Patients of Dr. Washatka will receive education on how mental and chemical stress and lifestyle decisions play a negative role in their overall health. These critical factors must be addressed to obtain an optimal level of total body wellness.

What are the Advantages of Functional Medicine?

Dr. Washatka uses her background in conventional medicine coupled with her holistic approach to treat each patient, rather than just treating a list of symptoms. In addition to treating upsetting health concerns, working with a functional medicine doctor can also help to prevent future health crises’ from occurring.


Functional medicine is the best way to understand your unique body and the many ways that your lifestyle and your environment impact it negatively and positively. By addressing your health concerns with a more holistic approach, you can ensure that you are taking care of your body in the best way possible. Simple lifestyle adjustments along with alternative medical treatments can both treat and prevent many common health concerns. Call our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Washatka today!

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