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We believe that health often starts in the family, which is why Dr. Washatka provides comprehensive family care. Family care encompasses every age and every complaint. We know that your health is unique to you, made up of a story only you truly know. At our office, we believe in asking the right questions for your health. We get to know our patients and their backgrounds, not just their medical experiences, but mental and emotional, as well. We tackle your symptoms with a combination of classic medical training and holistic methods to bring you a well-rounded and comprehensive health solution. Your body is complex, and it only makes sense that the answer to your symptoms could be complex, as well. Traditional medicine is mostly designed to match symptoms to diagnosis and medications to any diagnosis. While conventional medicine has its place, sometimes it doesn’t take into account the whole picture and the complexity of life and health. At our clinic, our team considers your entire person, your history, and your lifestyle. Dr. Washatka starts from the very beginning of your life, starting from your birth story, through childhood and traumas experienced, adulthood, and current lifestyle to get a complete picture of the person you are today, with your medical needs. She takes all of these pieces and through utilizing both traditional and alternative approaches, uses them to find the root of your symptoms, whether it’s extreme fatigue, pain, or so many other things that plague many of our patients daily.


Dr. Washatka looks at the chemical, physical, structural, emotional, spiritual, and begins a layered and step-by-step approach to addressing your ailments and complaints.


Our goal is always to find and treat the root cause of symptoms. The symptoms then improve as a direct result of treating the root issue. Not only does Dr. Washatka ensure that she understands your health to treat the causes of your symptoms best, but she also has a vast network of trusted health professionals. If there is an issue that requires a specialist, then our team can refer you to someone we trust to help treat the problem. Our network includes speech consultations, physical and occupational therapy, counseling, and many more.


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Functional Medicine in Tulsa

Family Medicine | Dr. Washatka

Dr. Washatka’s clinic offers a different route to healing. Our team will analyze your past to create a better path for your health’s future. We offer in-house chiropractic and various types of therapy and injections to best aid your healing. Dr. Washatka will never leave you in the dark about your health. From infants to the elderly, our team is passionate about finding the root cause of your health problems and finding the best solution to healing, whatever that means for you individually.

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Dr. Washatka is connected with a team of health professionals to ensure you receive the help you need. We believe in using the most modern medical advances, combined with a strong leaning into holistic care for the whole body and mind. You are not just your health. You are your body, your mind, and your emotions. All of these facets of you affect your health. That’s why our clinic does things a little differently. Since we believe your story plays a part in your health, we analyze it to provide a whole picture of your health journey. Our family care is comprehensive and helps you on your path to healing, no matter what your health issues are at the moment.

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What is Family Care?

Family care is for every person in your family, whether an infant, teen, or older adult. Dr. Washatka provides medical guidance and cares for Tulsa’s families, no matter their age or situation. Our clinic offers a solution that encompasses your family’s physical, mental, and emotional health. We take the time to understand our patient’s symptoms, where they are stemming from, and a whole host of other factors that could be affecting your health. We do things differently at our clinic, which is why we get great results from our patients. If you’re looking for a Tulsa doctor for your family, give us a call! Our team believes that every child’s health needs are unique. We provide customized care for each of our patients.

What's Different at Our Clinic?

At Dr. Washatka’s clinic, we believe in getting to the root of the problem to treat our patients best. We employ both traditional and modern approaches to heal our patients holistically. We bring this same approach to our pediatric care to ensure that our families receive optimal health care catering to their specific needs. We don’t just want you to get a diagnosis and a prescription; we want to walk with you through a journey of healing, whether that means that your healing journey requires medication or not. Our knowledgeable staff makes every experience at our clinic a great one. Whether it’s your first appointment or your 50th, Dr. Washatka will ensure that you and your family are always comfortable and well-educated on our processes. We always take the time to understand your journey and ask the right questions regarding your health. We believe in ensuring that you have a complete understanding and education concerning your health story and that you deserve to understand your body! Our team provides these resources and education so that you’re never in the dark when it comes to your health. Located in the heart of Tulsa, our office is a wonderful place to bring your family, and we always strive to make sure you’re comfortable.


Please call our office if you have any questions at all concerning our complete family care. We are confident that we can help guide your family to living healthier lives!

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