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Functional medicine is highly beneficial in discovering and treating food allergies in individuals of all ages. The discovery of a food allergy is more common in children than adults. However, it is also common for food allergies to present themselves once an individual reaches maturity. While conventional medicine can treat the symptoms of food allergies, functional medicine seeks to investigate the cause of these frustrating symptoms to eliminate them. After identifying a food allergy, an individual will learn how to live a happy and healthy life once again.

Food Allergies | Dr. Washatka

Food Allergies are commonly misunderstood. Most people wonder how Functional Medicine helps Food Allergies.

Functional Medicine for Food Allergies | Dr. Washatka

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Food allergies often present themselves in ways that are pretty evident such as stomach problems and even severe allergic reactions. However, food allergies also impact your body in less obvious ways, such as gut health. A healthy gut is crucial to your overall well-being. The negative impact on gut health caused by food allergies can lead to a condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome. This condition is caused by a breakdown of the intestinal lining that keeps toxins in your stomach from entering your bloodstream. As you can imagine, this can quickly become a severe health concern.


Functional medicine can successfully treat Leaky Gut Syndrome and other negative side-effects of food allergies by establishing healthy lifestyle habits. In some cases, herbal supplements or other alternative holistic treatments are helpful in the treatment of these uncomfortable side effects.


The primary goal of functional medicine is to treat the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms. Thorough testing identifies the food allergies responsible for any discomfort and adverse side effects an individual is experiencing.

Testing for Food Allergies | Dr. Washatka

Dr. Washatka is trained to test individuals for food allergies and food sensitivities of all types. Food allergies are often misdiagnosed or unnoticed, especially in adults.
Find Freedom

Find Freedom

Discovering foods that your body is allergic to can be frustrating. However, by working alongside Dr. Washatka, you will find that freedom and relief are within your reach.
Individualized plan

Individualized plan

After establishing a list of food allergies and things to avoid, Dr. Washatka creates an individualized plan of care that focuses on restoring your body to a state of whole health. The damaging effects of food allergies often cause various other health issues, which will likely dissipate after addressing the cause of the problem.
prevent discomfort

prevent discomfort

Functional medicine is the best way to approach and diagnose food allergies of all kinds. By focusing on the cause of the problems and addressing the severe side effects such as Leaky Gut Syndrome, Dr. Washatka can aid you in feeling your very best once again. In addition to preventing discomfort caused by food allergies, identifying food allergies can help prevent more severe health issues down the road.

The treatment of food allergies is effective using a variety of functional and holistic approaches.


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