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Ozone Treatment In Coweta, OK

Dr. Washatka specializes in unique health and wellness services such as ozone treatment in Coweta, OK. She is an experienced practitioner of functional and holistic medicine committed to identifying the root issues behind chronic health and wellness problems. Through this unique model, she provides her patients with lasting relief. 


Dr. Washatka, along with her team, guides individuals towards complete health and wellness using ozone treatment and other similar services. Each of her services is designed to improve the quality of life of each patient by focusing on solving the underlying issues, not simply alleviating the symptoms. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain or you want to learn more about holistic aesthetic treatments, Dr. Washatka is ready to serve you! 


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  • Ozone Treatment In Coweta, OKOzone Treatment, Coweta, OK
  • Morpheus8, Coweta, OK
  • Major Autohemotherapy, Coweta, OK
  • PRP with Ozone, Coweta, OK
  • Holistic Medicine, Coweta, OK
  • AccuTite, Coweta, OK
  • Functional Medicine, Coweta, OK
  • Adrenal Fatigue Treatment, Coweta, OK
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment, Coweta, OK
  • Prolozone, Coweta, OK
  • Food Allergy Treatment, Coweta, OK
  • Mood Disorder Treatment, Coweta, OK


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