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Ozone Treatment In Broken Arrow, OK

As a practitioner specializing in Ozone Treatment in Broken Arrow, OK, Dr. Sarah Washatka strives to provide each of her patients with optimal health and wellness. Offering a variety of functional and holistic medicine services, Dr. Sarah Washatka treats the root of the issue, not simply the symptoms. Through a wide range of treatment options including chiropractic care, functional medicine, and ozone therapy, she is able to provide relief and treatment for numerous illnesses and injuries.

Dr. Sarah Washatka strives to provide each of her patients with a high quality of life through her many health and wellness services. As a patient of Dr. Sarah Washatka, you will be provided with a care plan that is customized for your unique needs and health concerns.

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  • Functional Medicine, Broken Arrow, OK
  • Adrenal Fatigue Treatment, Broken Arrow, OK
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment, Broken Arrow, OK
  • Food Allergy Treatment, Broken Arrow, OK
  • Major Autohemotherapy, Broken Arrow, OK

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